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Edition #2


Legacy software exists in almost every company. Often, it's critical for key processes and crucial to the success of the business. However, there comes a time for every piece of software when it must be modernized, lest it fail to meet current demands.

In this report, we outline the key aspects of legacy modernization – from the initial assessment of existing systems to the implementation of modern technologies.

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Edition #1

Large Language Models (LLM)
and Commodity AI

Large Language Models like GPT-3 and GPT-4 are fundamentally changing the way we approach natural language processing. They offer completely new possibilities for businesses across all industries and represent a technological breakthrough that happens “once every decade.” Additionally, this technology provides convenient API access. Alternatively, there are numerous open-source models that can be used locally and on-premise. Training your own model hardly seems worth it anymore. Everything you need to integrate AI into your products is available.

We call this Commodity AI.

In this report, we’ll show how your business can leverage the opportunities of Commodity AI to gain competitive advantages. You’ll get an overview of feasible use-case scenarios across various industries.

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We assist you

Talk to us about your plans, even if they’re just rough, initial thoughts. We’ll support you specifically or throughout the entire journey.

Strategic support: What’s the best strategy for you? What makes the most sense in relation to your business goals? Together, we define initial milestones.

Development: Complete or partial implementation of your IT project by one or more teams of interdisciplinary professionals.

Team: A team of experts will support you, taking the lead or integrating into your team structure, for strategic, architectural, and technical tasks.

Consulting and workshops: We will co-develop a strategy for your company’s IT project. With workshops like Quality Storming and Big Picture Event Storming, we efficiently explore potentials.

Reviews: Our experts will take an in-depth look at your organization’s desired systems. You’ll get valuable insights and an honest external assessment. Along with clear recommendations for action.

Ein Team aus 4 Personen, die gemeinsam an einem Tisch sitzen und diskutieren. Auf dem Tisch liegt ein Konzeptentwurf.

Our consultants have been advising SMEs & corporations for over 20 years, implementing IT systems of all sizes.

Our expertise is drawn from extensive hands-on experience in software architecture and development, platform operation and infrastructure, as well as digital product development.

We don’t view technology as an end in itself, but as an enabler for solving real-world problems.